PTI Thermal Solutions

PTI Thermal Solutions brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to customers across the entire Thermal Management Spectrum.  Our customer-centered approach and unparalleled level of customer service form the basis of our company’s good reputation.

With PTI Thermal Solutions fully stocked warehouses conveniently located in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, we excel in JIT and other logistical inventory management services that will help you to reduce your inventory levels and lead-times. Our dedicated staff will work hard to ensure that your product arrives safely and on-time. Let our team guide you through the process….

Whether your application requires the control or reduction of heat or the generation of heat, let our staff of experienced Sales and Manufacturing Engineers review your application and provide you with the right “Thermal Solution”.

PTI Thermal Solutions is a world-class fabricator and seller of ceramic fiber and refractory products, as well as cutting edge advanced materials to fulfill the needs of today's challenging Design Requirements.

Our support of Refractory and Insulation Contractors allows us to recommend a preferred contractor for any of your construction requirements.

Let us help you find the best “Thermal Solution”.