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Innovative Recommendations

Our support of refractory and insulation contractors allows us to recommend the appropriate contractor for all of your installation and construction requirements. We excel at JIT and other logistical inventory management services that will help you to reduce your inventory levels and lead times.

Excellent Customer Service

PTI Thermal Solutions’ years of experience, outstanding customer service, and dedicated staff assures you that at PTI Thermal Solutions we can help you find the best “Thermal Solution”. Here at PTI, we emphasize a customer-centered approach consisting of an unparalleled level of customer service that puts you at the top of our priorities list. Our unique approach to Quality Control ensures that our customers get the right product, the right way, safely and on time.

Our dedicated staff will help guide you through the process by answering any questions you may have.
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A wide variety of ceramic fiber, insulation, refractory, and other fabricated products

With PTI Thermal Solutions’ fully stocked warehouses conveniently located in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, we maintain large inventories of ceramic fiber products such as ceramic fiber insulation blankets, ceramic fiber insulation boards, ceramic fiber insulation papers, high-temperature textiles and ceramic fiber modules. Additionally, we maintain stocks of mineral wool insulation, castable refractories, refractory plastics, brick mortars, insulating firebricks, dense refractory bricks and custom manufactured products.

Take a look at PTI Thermal Solutions’ selection of ceramic fiber, insulation, refractory, and other various products with high-temperature thermal applications.
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