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Castable Refractories & Mortars

Castable Refractories
Castable Refractories

Castable Refractories & Mortars


Refractories retain their strength at high temperatures. They are non-metallic materials that have chemical and physical properties that make them applicable for structures, or as components of systems, that are exposed to high-temperature environments above 1,000°F. These are exceptionally strong and hold their shape while drying. This allows refractories to be used for all sorts of various applications. Types of refractory material are selected according to service requirements: erosion resistance, strength, thermal conductivity, and chemical properties. We also provide refractory mortars as high-temperature thermal solutions. Various linings can be installed by gunning, casting or troweling, and can be a single or dual layer with either one-shot lining or two component lining.

Applications include:

    • Coatings for furnace linings, troughs, burners and molds
    • Molten aluminum splash protection
    • Trough coatings and linings for molten aluminum transfer
    • High temperature patching and sealing of refractory linings
    • Lightweight refractory linings
    • Induction furnace coil coating
    • High Temperature binder and fillers
Castable Refractories & Mortars:
Product NameTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
Conventional Cement Castables T D S Contact Us
Lightweight Cement Castables T D S Contact Us
Low Cement Castables T D S Contact Us
No Cement Castables T D S Contact Us
Plastics & Ramming Refractories T D S Contact Us
Wet and Dry Mortar Refractories T D S Contact Us
Pilot 3000°F Super Duty Refractory Mortar T D S S D S
Exeter High Alumina Refractory Mortar T D S S D S
Smithfield Air-Set Medium Duty Refractory Fireplace Mortar T D S S D S
Flue-Set Non-Water Soluble Medium Duty Refractory Mortar T D S S D S
RAI Inc. Refractory AnchorsN/A
RAI Inc. Abrasion AnchorsN/A

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